Water Plant

The GWC water treatment plant is a 16 MGD facility that has been providing water to Greeneville and Greene County for over 100 years.  There is a 32 MG reservoir at the water treatment plant that assures a water supply for our customers for 2-3 days if there is an unforeseen problem at the river intake facility.

The GWC water treatment plant has won several awards including “Best Tasting Water in Upper East Tennessee” two times in the last ten years.  David Ricker, Chief Water Plant Operator has also won “Operator of the Year” for excellence in water operations.

We are currently constructing an additional intake facility that will insure redundancy for our customers.  The current average water production is 9 MGD and this is served to 10,000 customers.

Wastewater Plant

The GWC operates a wastewater treatment plant located off of the Old Asheville Hwy and discharges to the Nolichucky River.

The original plant was constructed in 1984 and was upgraded and expanded in 2010 by addition of a one million gallon aerobic digester. The wastewater treatment plant is of the “oxidation ditch” type of process, with a design capacity of 14 MGD. Discharge is to the Nolichucky River at mile 47.5.

The plant is designed to treat an average flow of 7 MGD. It has been at its current location for over 30 years.

Distribution and Collection Maintenance

Our Maintenance Shop is responsible for the distribution of water and the collection of sewer in our water and sewer system.  In addition to repairing water and sewer lines, we pave, do yard work, order, maintain compliance with TDEC regulations, check grease traps, apply root treatment, and jet and camera sewer mains.

Our maintenance shop has been awarded the Excellence in Distribution operations by the American Water Works Association.  The staff make sure that water and sewer runs efficiently throughout our system.

Quick Facts

Here’s GWC at a glance.


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